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(county) for FreeBSD & Linux / the software for the creation of the simple web hosting

(county) for FreeBSD & Linux / the simple software
for the creation of the simple web hosting services.


This software is the combination of the simple HTTP server with the simple control panel for the creation of the simple web hosting. The authors may use any web browser, which understands the HTML 3.2 and the cookies, for the creation of the web sites on such web hosting. That is, the web browsers within the modest smart mobile telephones, of which ~ 1 billion (10^9) are within the India country alone.

This software is optimized for the work on the machines with the very scarce resources, such as the cheap VDS/VPS virtual machines with the weak CPU processors, the tiny amounts of the RAM memory, the tiny slices of the HDD disk drive, and the minimal installations of the operating systems. The price for such cheap hosting starts from the ~ USD 15 (fifteen) per year.

The quantity of the web sites with the separate domain names, which this software can host, is limited by the disk space, and by the quanitity of the inodes on the file system, and may be more than one million. This software can provide to the visitors of these web sites more than one million web pages per day from the cheap VDS/VPS virtual machine.

There exist some features, which facilitate the provision of the web hosting to many users. The size of the web sites may be limited for all web sites, and for the individual web sites. This feature is useful in order to provide the hosting without the ads for the tiny sites, and to require the users to place the ads for the huge sites. You may permit the creation of the new sites with the invitations from the trusted users. You may permit only the users from the desired IP ranges to use the control panel of this software. And, if your hosting will become really huge, then I can provide to you the mechanical moderation service, similar to the (akismet.com) service for the comments from the visitors of the diaries.

I provide the statically linked binary executable files for the FreeBSD operating system, and also for the Linux operating system. These binary executable files have been compiled on the FreeBSD i386 12.2-RELEASE operating system with the Linux binary compatibility.

This software may be used as the educational toy for the students, which want to play with the technology of the simple web hosting, and want to learn, how to work with the real people, while obtaining the passive income from the advertising on the web pages of the control panel, and on the web sites of the users.

The SEO (search engine optimization) and pay-per-click advertising become expensive and risky. The web hosting, which is provided with the help of this software, may be used for the promotion of the recognition for the web sites. You may provide to the users of your main web site the web sites with the names of their domains under the name of the domain of your main web site. Or you may provide to your customers the managed hosting for this purpose. Here is the sample of the need for such service on this forum.

about hosting subdomains for users


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how do i purchase an account at places like godaddy, hostgator anbd etc, and host 1 or more subdomain names for customers to use free? let me know everything id need to know because i just know enough about this to be the customer.

For the serious hosting providers, this software may use the old hardware, which is already not suitable for your main services, in order to attract the new customers, and to generate the surplus income, without much efforts from your side.

The business model of this software is based on the advertisements on the web pages, which are created by this software (for the author of this software, and for the administrators of the web hosting), and on the advertisements on the web pages, which are hosted with the help of this software (for the administrators of the web hosting).

Usually, the visitors do not like the advertisements, but the advertisements act as the incentive for the work. Thus, the author of this software, and the administrators of the web hosting, will try to find the reasonable quantity of the advertisements, which will be optimal for the joy of the visitors, and for the reliability of the services. Most probably, the advertisements will be the simple text links.

You may find the fresh variants of this software
on the web site of the author of this software.

Any questions, opinions,
and other related messages,
are welcome.

Thank you for your time.

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