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Mets owner Steve Cohen ‘could gain casino license’ after NYCFC’s $780m stadium project was approved

New York Mets owner Steve Cohen ‘could hit the jackpot’ with casino license near Citi Field after NYCFC’s $780million stadium project was approved Steve Cohen may capitalize on the NYCFC stadium project announced this week  The MLS club will have a $780m stadium ready by 2027 – a big boost for the area  Cohen has … Read more

Crown Melbourne casino fined $120m for breaching gambling laws

“We cannot forget, and we cannot tolerate [that behaviour]. This fine of $100 million is to deter [repeat behaviour] and protect [the community],” she said. Loading The $100 million fine was issued because of Crown’s failure to stop people gambling for more than 24 hours straight, she explained. An additional $20 million fine was imposed … Read more

Four U.S. states order a metaverse casino to halt sale of NFTs

The metaverse is a set of virtual worlds where people live, work and play. Weiquan Lin | Moment | Getty Images Regulators in four states simultaneously filed emergency cease-and-desist orders Thursday against virtual casino Slotie. States law enforcement officials allege Slotie’s owners were soliciting investors online to participate in an illegal gambling operation in the … Read more

Star’s lawyers say it wasn’t suitable for casino licence, but it is now

Richardson on Tuesday accepted Star was “obfuscatory, misleading and unethical” in corresponding with NAB when the bank enquired about the use of the cards for gambling, which was prohibited. Loading She said Star had also lacked transparency with the regulator, reflecting a “broader reluctance to communicate relevant information to the authorities where it might compromise … Read more

Star not suitable to hold casino licence, say lawyers for inquiry

Star also refused to hand over to the financial crimes watchdog AUSTRAC a damning 2018 KPMG audit that found it was failing to tackle money laundering. Sharp on Tuesday argued the casino group was “only at the beginning of its journey about what has gone wrong” within its organisations. “There has not yet been the … Read more

Elizabeth Zhong was ‘desperate’ before she was killed, had visited casino 381 times

Businesswoman Elizabeth Zhong told her daughter how the man accused of killing her threatened her multiple times, and she was desperate in the month leading up to her death, a court has heard. The court was also told she had also racked up losses of more than $200,000 by playing the slots at an Auckland … Read more

Star casino used hotel charges to sidestep ban on using Chinese debit cards for gambling, inquiry hears

Mr White said he understood The Star did not have a direct relationship with China UnionPay but did have one with NAB, which supplied EFTPOS terminals to its hotels. “You thought that, notwithstanding that prohibition, NAB had said you can proceed with these transactions?” Ms Sharp asked. “That’s correct,” Mr White said. But he responded … Read more