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Poll Shows Democrat Raphael Warnock Leading in Close Georgia Runoff Race

Democrat Raphael Warnock has a slight edge in the Georgia runoff race, where he will, again, face off against Republican Herschel Walker, a SurveyUSA poll released this week found. The survey, taken days ahead of the December 6 runoff race in the Peach State, shows Warnock leading Walker with 50 percent support to the Republican’s … Read more

Illinois Democrat Lawmakers Push Ban on ‘Assault Weapons,’ Magazines

Democrat lawmakers in Illinois are pushing an “assault weapons” ban, a minimum age requirement of 21 years to buy a firearms, and a ban on ammunition magazines holding more than ten rounds. Democrats have a supermajority in the Illinois General Assembly and seek to use that majority to add quickly add restrictions to the exercise … Read more

LA Democrat backs homeless encampment ban near schools: ‘Kids are afraid to walk to school’

One Los Angeles Democratic city councilman is sounding the alarm on the city’s homeless crisis, ultimately defending the charge to ban encampments near schools in the name of public safety.  Joe Buscaino, who is a former police officer, joined “Fox & Friends First” Tuesday to discuss his response to those outraged over the measure, and … Read more

Amazon Turning Democrat Mega-Donor Sam Bankman-Fried’s Cryptocurrency Scandal into TV Show

Amazon Studios is turning the Sam Bankman-Fried FTX cryptocurrency scandal into a limited drama series, with Disney-Marvel veterans Joe and Anthony Russo set to produce and direct, according to a Variety report. The eight-episode series will dramatize the collapse of the FTX cryptocurrency exchange, which was co-founded and led by Democrat mega-donor Bankman-Fried — known as … Read more

Democrat Warnock Trying to ‘Mislead People’ to Get Votes

Republican Herschel Walker said during an interview on SiriusXM’s Breitbart News Saturday that Sen. Raphael Warnock (D-GA) is using a misleading campaign message about Walker’s hometown as a way to persuade voters to support Warnock. Walker said the message, featured during a recent Warnock fundraiser in Walker’s rural hometown of Wrightsville as well as in a campaign … Read more

Bike friendly improvements coming to Woodland – Daily Democrat

Those in Yolo County are familiar with the bike-friendly town of Davis, known for its bike loop, greenbelt paths, and copious bike lanes. Davis has always been synonymous with the bicycle. In recent years, however, Davis’ neighbor to the north, Woodland, the county seat of Yolo, has been taking the opportunity to provide bike-friendly improvements … Read more

GOP underdog on his victory over top Democrat: ‘Folks were fed up in New York with one-party rule’

Newly elected New York Rep.-elect Mike Lawler, R., appeared on “Sunday Night in America” to discuss the impact of his election leading up to an upcoming vote on a new Speaker of the House. Lawler pulled off a surprising win in his district not only winning in a predominantly Democratic area but defeating DCCC chairman … Read more

FTX Boss and Democrat Super Donor Sam Bankman-Fried Cashed Out $300 Million During Funding Spree

The Wall Street Journal reports that during a funding round that raised $420 million for the cryptocurrency exchange FTX, almost three-quarters of the money went directly to founder and Democrat super donor Sam Bankman-Fried. The Wall Street Journal reports that in October 2018, FTX raised $420 million from a range of well-known investors in order to improve user experience, increase … Read more

Democrat Charged with ‘Wide Scale’ Election Fraud in Philadelphia

Attorney General and Governor-elect Josh Shapiro charged a Democrat campaign consultant with ‘wide scale’ voter fraud. Here’s the pertinent information from the attorney general’s office: Attorney General Josh Shapiro today announced the arrest of Rasheen Crews, a Philadelphia political consultant, for charges related to forging signatures on nomination petitions to get his clients on the ballot for … Read more

FTX Founder and Democrat Super Donor Sam Bankman-Fried Lent *$1 Billion* to Himself Through His Hedge Fund

Disgraced cryptocurrency exchange FTX founder and Democrat super donor Sam Bankman-Fried lent $1 billion to himself through his hedge fund Alameda Research, which likely sourced the money from FTX customer funds. On Thursday, it was revealed by FTX’s new CEO John Ray, III that the collapsed company’s bankruptcy filing shows it had lent billions of dollars in … Read more