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Cutting Table Salt Tied to Lower Heart Disease Risk

Nov. 28, 2022 – Simply limiting shakes of salt at the table may help lower the risk of heart disease, new research suggests. Using less added salt appeared to have the biggest effect on two common kinds of heart disease: heart failure and ischemic heart disease, also known as hardening of the arteries, which slows … Read more

Scottish rugby great Doddie Weir dies after long battle with motor neurone disease

David Rogers/Getty Images Scottish rugby legend Doddie Weir has died after a long battle with motor neurone disease. Scottish rugby legend Doddie Weir, whose diagnosis with Lou Gehrig’s disease led to a widely praised campaign for more research into ALS, has died at the age of 52. The Scottish Rugby Union (SRU) announced Weir’s death … Read more

Scottish rugby giant Doddie Weir dies aged 52 after battle against motor neurone disease 

Rugby legend Doddie Weir has died, aged 52, after six-year battle with Motor Neurone Disease.  The former Scotland and Lions player’s death was confirmed by his family this evening.  Since his diagnosis in 2016, he campaigned for greater research and funding to tackle the disease. Born in Edinburgh, Weir began his career playing for Stewart’s Melville … Read more

Doddie Weir: Scotland rugby legend dies aged 52 after suffering with motor neurone disease | Rugby Union News

Last Updated: 26/11/22 5:45pm Former Scotland rugby international Doddie Weir has passed away aged 52 after suffering with motor neurone disease. More to follow. This is a breaking news story that is being updated and more details will be published shortly. Please refresh this page for the latest updates. Sky Sports brings you live updates … Read more

An Autoimmune Disease Expert’s View of Psoriatic Disease

By Brett Smith, DO, as told to Rachel Reiff Ellis Psoriatic disease is a condition you have your whole life. Skin plaques are the main symptom, but many people also get joint pain. It requires lifelong observation by medical professionals. Although there isn’t a cure for psoriatic disease, there are great medications to help control … Read more

Have Celiac Disease? You May Need Screening for Other Disorders

SOURCES: Katarina Mollo, dietitian, Boston.  Alessio Fasano, MD, professor of pediatrics and gastroenterology, Massachusetts General Hospital; professor of nutrition, Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health; professor of pediatrics, Harvard Medical School.  Jolanda Denham, MD, pediatric gastroenterologist, Nemours Children’s Hospital, Florida. Benjamin Lebwohl, MD, president, Society for the Study of Celiac Disease; director of clinical … Read more

MS Questionnaire Helps Measure Symptoms and Spot Early Disease Changes

By Tjalf Ziemssen, MD, as told to Keri Wiginton Ziemssen presented “Development and Usability Testing of a Patient-based Digital Tool to Understand Early Signs of Changes in Multiple Sclerosis Symptoms and Progression: Your MS Questionnaire” at the American Academy of Neurology’s 73rd Annual meeting, April 17-22, 2021, where scientists discuss the latest research in MS … Read more

Nicaragua’ Contestant Dan Lembo Dies from Rare Brain Disease at 75

“Survivor: Nicaragua” contestant Dan Lembo has died from a rare brain disease … TMZ has learned. Emily Lembo, Dan’s daughter-in-law tells TMZ Dan died Sept 3 from an incurable brain disorder called progressive supranuclear palsy. We’re told he battled the disease for 6 years, and over time, it took a huge toll on his memory, … Read more