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Was Vikings-Bills best game of NFL season? Explaining the ending

What, you thought my Monday column was going to be about the Saints-Steelers game? After Sunday’s 33-30 victory by the Vikings in Buffalo, it was impossible to consider talking about anything else. With close competition from the first Falcons-Panthers game in late October, Vikings-Bills has to be considered the best game of the 2022 NFL … Read more

Klay Thompson goes full Captain Planet in explaining bike

There are few players like Klay Thompson. While the rest of the league is concerned with which car they’re going to be popping in with for the big game, the Golden State Warriors star would much prefer to arrive in his trusty bike. It’s become Thompson’s trademark and apparently, it has a lot to do … Read more

Offside or not offside? Explaining why Cale Makar’s goal counted

Okay, writing this in the middle of the night, attempting to process what occurred on the 3-2 Colorado goal at the end of the first period.  When I first saw Cale Makar score, I said, “No way.” But it did stand after review. It sure seems counter-intuitive, but here’s why it held up: First, look … Read more

Mayorkas admits he ‘could have done a better job’ explaining mission of ‘disinformation’ board

NEWYou can now listen to Fox News articles! Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas said “there’s no question” he could have more effectively communicated the purpose of his newly-created “disinformation” board after critics framed it as a crackdown on free speech.   Mayorkas said on “Fox News Sunday” that the Biden administration “could have done a … Read more

Kim Kardashian Is Facing Backlash After Explaining Why She Photoshopped True In Her Disneyland Photos

“You could’ve uploaded a million other photos with pink or blue in it but you had to exploit the kids for ~aesthetic~ reasons…” Posted 7 minutes ago The photoshop saga continues, and it’s not a pretty picture. If you need reminding, Kim raised eyebrows in December after she posted some strange-looking photographs of her four-year-old … Read more