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Ex-Prosecutor: Trump’s Latest Move A ‘Sign Of Desperation’ As Probes Intensify

It’s a “sign of desperation” that former President Donald Trump is attacking the wife of the special prosecutor appointed to oversee two federal criminal investigations into his actions, a former federal prosecutor said. In an analysis posted on his YouTube channel Saturday, Glenn Kirschner slammed Trump for his “inane accusations” against veteran prosecutor Jack Smith, … Read more

Intensify Your Productivity With Upgraded Features

  Best Lenovo Laptops In India: Whether you are a student, businessman, working professional, graphic designer, or gamer we all look for a laptop with durable, reliable, strong battery life. You can get all these attributes in Lenovo laptops. These versatile laptops are owned in China and also offer a stylish and sophisticated look. Lenovo … Read more

China to intensify efforts in improving rural transport infrastructure

China is planning to increase its efforts to improve transport infrastructure in rural areas this year, the country’s Vice Minister of Transport Zhao Chongjiu said Tuesday. China will complete the reconstruction of an extra 30,000 km of rural highways this year, bringing the total annual reconstruction goal to 150,000 km, Zhao told a press conference. … Read more

Search efforts intensify as Philippine death toll from floods rises to nearly 60 : NPR

Residents are evacuated by rescuers in a flooded village in Panitan, Panay island, Philippines on Tuesday. Heavy rains caused by a summer tropical depression killed at least a few dozen people in the central and southern Philippines, mostly due to landslides, officials said. Philippine Coast Guard via AP hide caption toggle caption Philippine Coast Guard … Read more

China’s Echoes of Russia’s Alternate Reality Intensify Around the World

When Twitter put up a warning message atop a Russian government post denying civilian killings in Bucha, Ukraine, last week, China’s state media rushed to its defense. “On Twitter @mfa_russia’s statement on #Bucha got censored,” wrote Frontline, a Twitter account associated with China’s official English-language broadcaster, CGTN. In a Chinese Communist Party newspaper, an article … Read more