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(county) for FreeBSD & Linux / the software for the creation of the simple web hosting

(county) for FreeBSD & Linux / the simple softwarefor the creation of the simple web hosting services. This software is the combination of the simple HTTP server with the simple control panel for the creation of the simple web hosting. The authors may use any web browser, which understands the HTML 3.2 and the … Read more

StarFighter Linux Laptop with Thunderbolt 4 Available for Pre-order

Star Labs, maker of Linux-equipped PCs, is taking pre-orders for the StarFighter (opens in new tab) custom laptop. This rather well-specced and highly configurable laptop comes with Thunderbolt 4 / USB 4,  a choice of Linux distributions from Ubuntu, Mint, Manjaro and other configurable specifications. Privacy concerns are addressed via a snap-on magnetic camera and … Read more

StarFighter Linux Linux laptop goes up for pre-order with Intel or AMD and QHD or 4K display options

Linux PC maker Star Labs is taking pre-orders for a new thin, light, and powerful laptop called the StarFighter. Not only does it ship with your choice of Linux distributions pre-installed, but it’s also extraordinarily customizable. You can opt for Intel or AMD processor options. The webcam is detachable. You get a choice of display panels. … Read more

You Can Now Buy the StarFighter 4K Linux Laptop from Star Labs

UK-based Linux hardware vendor Star Labs announced today that its long-anticipated StarFighter Linux laptop is now available to order, surprising us with two display options including one with a 4K screen. Star Labs is teasing us with a 4K Linux laptop for a few months now, but, after some trial and error, the company finally … Read more


Hello Everyone! Ever wondered what will happen when the server hosting your VPS goes down? Are your servers replicated in REAL TIME? Are you able to failover and start from another server within couple of MINUTES? You must have a failover system in place so that your business does not suffer when your server goes … Read more

Linux gaming laptops may finally get Nvidia Advanced Optimus support in near future

Nvidia is apparently considering a new user-space API (uAPI) for dynamic multiplexer (MUX) switching in Linux laptops. Currently, MUX switching is handled by the vga-swicheroo infrastructure in the Linux kernel. However, Nvidia feels that vga-switcheroo isn’t cut out for dynamic MUX switching also known as Advanced Optimus. For those not aware, modern Windows laptops employ … Read more

NVIDIA 525.53 Linux Driver Brings Dynamic Boost For AMD Laptops, Installer Enhancements

NVIDIA has made available their first public beta in the R525 Linux driver series. NVIDIA 525.53 beta is out this morning as this new feature update for NVIDIA’s stellar but proprietary packaged Linux driver. The NVIDIA 525.53 Linux beta adds support for Dynamic Boost on NVIDIA graphics notebooks with AMD CPUs, support for the MESA_platform_surfaceless … Read more

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Linux laptop crew Tuxedo releases Stellaris AMD Gen 4 • The Register

Review Tuxedo Computers offers an unusual machine: a Linux-based laptop with, of all things, a mechanical keyboard. The Bavaria-based company offers a range of guaranteed Linux-compatible laptops (and a few desktops, which tend to be a bit easier in compatibility terms: it’s easier to swap bits in and out ’til it all works). We mentioned … Read more