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RTL Today – Luxembourg City: New temporary cycle infrastructure opens on Boulevard Prince Henri

25 parking spaces have been removed to make space for the new two-way cycle path which runs alongside the municipal park. In order to improve safety for cyclists in Luxembourg City, the city council has unveiled new transitional infrastructure on Boulevard Prince Henri, which will remain in place until the final development project by Creos … Read more

RTL Today – Luxembourg City: Suspect arrested after 100 cars vandalised overnight

A number of motorists who left their vehicles parked in the capital overnight on Wednesday noticed scratches and other damage on Thursday morning. According to police, over 100 cars were affected by the vandalism. A suspect was taken into custody on Thursday and brought before magistrates. The suspect has since been transferred to Schrassig while … Read more

RTL Today – World’s top financial centres: Luxembourg climbs six places to 21st in global rankings

On Thursday, the latest edition of the Global Financial Centres Index (GFCI) was published, with interesting results. In Asia, Singapore has now overtaken Hong Kong as the largest financial centre, rising to 3rd place overall from 6th in 2021. Hong Kong has since fallen by one position. It is thought that the travel restrictions imposed … Read more

RTL Today – Association for Organic Farming in Luxembourg: Non-profit demands 20% organic farming in Luxembourg by 2025

The Association for Organic Farming in Luxembourg calls on the government to finally assume responsibility to achieve this ambitious goal. “An agricultural sector that is mindful of resources, protects animals, and is based on the principle of a circular economy could provide many solutions in these uncertain times”, the non-profit association argues. According to its … Read more

RTL Today – Micro-pollutants: Several wastewater treatment plants in Luxembourg to be modified

A standard three-stage treatment plant is unable to filter out very small particles, known as micro-pollutants. These particles are residues of creams or pharmaceuticals. At the moment, they have to be removed after the fact, which is both time-consuming and costly. For this reason, Luxembourg’s 13 largest treatment plants will be modified and equipped with … Read more

Mit dem Luxembourg Times BusinessRun in den Feierabend

Der Luxembourg Times BusinessRun hat am Donnerstagabend wieder mehrere Tausend Läufer nach Kirchberg gezogen. Lauf-Event Der Luxembourg Times BusinessRun hat am Donnerstagabend wieder mehrere Tausend Läufer nach Kirchberg gezogen. (SH) – Den Feierabend mit Kollegen ausklingen lassen – das muss nicht immer im Büro oder in einer Bar sein. Auch Sport eignet sich, um entspannt … Read more

RTL Today – Youth for Climate Luxembourg: Climate protest to take place on Friday 23 September

Youth for Climate Luxembourg has organised another demonstration against climate change. The march will begin at 3pm on Friday at the Glacis, ending at Place Clairefontaine with speeches and music. Youth for Climate Luxembourg (YFCL), a youth-led climate protest movement, will resume their demonstrations after a period of absence, returning to the capital’s streets this Friday. The … Read more

RTL Today – Debate of public petition: 24/7 maternity and pediatric services in northern Luxembourg not feasible due to staff shortages

Petition 2301, which crossed the threshold of 4,500 signatures and was therefore eligible to be discussed in the Chamber of Deputies on Wednesday, advocates for a 24/7 maternity hospital, including a pediatric emergency unit, in the north of the Grand Duchy. Although the government agrees on the proposition, Minister of Health Paulette Lenert explained that … Read more

RTL Today – Public buildings, swimming pools, gymnasiums: Luxembourg City intends on saving 15% of energy until March

The municipality of Luxembourg City has announced a series of measures to reduce energy consumption over the course of winter. Public buildings will not be heated as much as they used to be. Temperatures in swimming pools and gymnasiums will be lowered and lighting reduced. Lights of the Gasperich water tower will remain off, except … Read more

RTL Today – Luxembourg Employers’ Association: Tripartite agreement is ‘no cause for celebration’

The crisis is still with us, the president of the Luxembourg Employers’ Association (UEL) told our colleagues from RTL Radio on Wednesday at midday, regarding the agreement reached during the tripartite negotiations. Michel Reckinger stressed that “the war is not over” and that “Luxembourg is still in the middle of an energy war”. “Nothing would … Read more