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French Minister Labels Italy ‘Enemy Country’ Over Migration Conflict

France’s Interior Minister Gerald Darmanin slammed the Italian government this week, claiming Italy behaved as an “enemy country” of France after rejecting a migrant “taxi” that ended up docking in Toulon. Darmanin levelled the accusation against the Italian government during a session of the French parliament, claiming that the Italian government led by Prime Minister … Read more

RTL Today – Migration: Nearly three-fifths of Luxembourg residents are foreign-born

According to the latest figures from Eurostat, the Grand Duchy has by far the highest proportion of foreign-born residents of any country in Europe. The figures, which relate to 2021, show that 58.2% of 15- to 74-year-olds living in Luxembourg are foreign-born. This is more than double second-placed Switzerland (33.5% foreign-born) and a staggering 291 … Read more

EU-Innenminister beraten über illegale Migration

Über das Mittelmeer kommen wieder deutlich mehr Migranten in die EU. Die neue italienische Regierung will das nicht akzeptieren. Flüchtlinge Über das Mittelmeer kommen wieder deutlich mehr Migranten in die EU. Die neue italienische Regierung will das nicht akzeptieren. (dpa) – Die Innenminister der EU-Staaten beraten an diesem Freitag bei einem Sondertreffen in Brüssel über … Read more

Net Migration Hits Record High of Half a Million Despite Brexit Promises

Net migration rose to its highest level in recorded history in Britain to over half a million in the year leading up to June despite the Conservative Party’s pledge to cut immigration following Brexit. Figures released by the Office for National Statistics (ONS) on Thursday showed that an estimated 504,000 more people migrated to the … Read more

Jordan Vows ‘All Means Necessary’ to Hold Biden Border Chief Accountable for Migration Crisis

Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH) responded Tuesday to House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy’s (R-CA) call for President Joe Biden’s border chief to resign, saying in a statement McCarthy was “right” that “Americans deserve accountability” for the record number of illegal migrant crossings that have occurred over the past two years. Jordan said Republicans would hold Department … Read more

Hungary, Austria and Serbia Agree To New Deal To Stem Illegal Migration

Hungary, Austria, and Serbia have agreed to coordinate to reduce illegal migrant flows on the Balkan route, with Serbia deploying more police along its southern border and Austria providing reinforcements. The three countries came to an agreement this week, with Serbia’s President Aleksandar Vucic announcing he signed a deal alongside Hungary’s Prime Minister Viktor Orban and … Read more

Net Migration to Remain in the Hundreds of Thousands in Britain

The Conservative (Tory) Party has no plans to reduce migration to the tens of thousands, claiming that further waves of foreign labour are required to prevent the government from raising taxes even higher. According to the Office for Budget Responsibility (OBR), which consulted with the globalist government of Prime Minister Rishi Sunak, net migration will continue … Read more

Joe Biden’s Migration Moved Voters to GOP

President Joe Biden’s pro-migration policy has its day of reckoning on November 8 — and the exit polls showed deep public opposition to the establishment’s long-standing policy of importing millions of wage-cutting workers, consumers, and renters. The exit polls quizzed 12,458 people. They were funded by a conglomerate of media outlets and showed that 60 … Read more

Medibank class action announced; Mathew Guy promises IBAC publiuc hearings; Labor industrial relations bill criticised; migration review announced; NSW stamp duty reform roadblocked

Returning to Canberra now, and a separate fracas has erupted in ABC estimates over a speech Four Corners reporter Louise Milligan gave to the ACT Women Lawyers Association on October 21. Liberal senator Sarah Henderson has tabled a letter of complaint from ACT bar association president Rebecca Curran, which calls Milligan’s speech “insensitive and polemical” … Read more

Home affairs minister Clare O’Neil flags migration overhaul; Workplace Minister Tony Burke offers compromise on multi-employer bargaining; COP27 climate summit begins in Egypt

Home Affairs Minister Clare O’Neil has declared Australia’s migration system is broken and being exploited by overseas criminals, and has flagged an independent inquiry to examine revelations of widespread visa rorting linked to sex trafficking, foreign worker exploitation and drug crime. In her strongest comments yet about the failings in the system, O’Neil blamed her … Read more