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World Cup: FOX News mistakenly tweets out that the USA has ADVANCED to the knockout stages.

FOX News mistakenly tweets out that the USA has ADVANCED to the World Cup knockout stages… despite Gregg Berhalter’s side still needing to beat Iran after goalless tie with England By Jake Fenner For Dailymail.Com Published: 00:56 GMT, 26 November 2022 | Updated: 03:57 GMT, 26 November 2022 While a 0-0 draw for the United … Read more

Arizona grandma, man she mistakenly texted, to share Thanksgiving for 7th straight year since 2016

For the seventh year in a row, a man from Arizona will celebrate Thanksgiving Day with a woman who mistakenly invited him to her turkey dinner gathering years ago. Now, the former strangers continue to make it an annual tradition. For seven years, Americans have watched Jamal Hinton of Phoenix, and Wanda Dench’s story unfold … Read more

In Cambodia, Joe Biden Mistakenly Refers to Prime Minister of ‘Colombia’

President Joe Biden made another embarrassing error on Saturday at a meeting with Asian allies in Cambodia. During his opening remarks at the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) summit, Biden mistakenly referred to the prime minister of “Colombia,” when he should have said “Cambodia.” “I was honored to host at the White House in … Read more

Biden mistakenly thanks Colombia for hosting ASEAN summit in Cambodia

President Biden has now twice referred to Association of Southeast Asian Nations summit host Cambodia as Colombia, including Saturday during remarks opening the talks. “It was an honor to host at the White House in May, and now that we are back together in Cambodia,” Biden said as he opened the talks. “I look forward … Read more

U.S. Troops ‘Mistakenly’ Open Fire on Iraqi Kurdish Neighborhood

U.S. military forces stationed at Al-Harir Air Base in northern Iraq’s Kurdistan Region “mistakenly” fired on at least 11 civilian homes and one civilian car on Monday night in the nearby town of Shaqlawa, the Kurdish news website Rudaw reported. “At 10:00 PM [on May 9], the [U.S.] force was conducting practice specialized for shooting … Read more

Massachusetts family mistakenly takes home coyote pup

A Massachusetts family found what they thought was a lost puppy on the side of the road and took it home, only to realize it was an Eastern Coyote pup that was separated from his family. The Cape Wildlife Center, a wildlife hospital and education center in Barnstable, Massachusetts, posted about the mixup on Facebook Monday, adding the family called the hospital … Read more

Ulta Sends Out Kate Spade Email, Mistakenly References Designer’s Suicide

Ulta is under fire after emailing out a promotion that collabs with Kate Spade … one that refers to the fashion designer’s tragic death. People on Ulta’s mailing list were shocked Sunday when a message came to their inbox saying “Come hang with Kate Spade” … as you know, Spade hanged herself in 2018. The … Read more

Tory MP who says he mistakenly watched porn in parliament expected to quit

London: An MP who watched porn on his phone while sitting in the House of Commons quit parliament on Saturday, setting up a second byelection for Boris Johnson who has faced mounting pressure on his leadership in recent months. Neil Parish is expected to quit parliament.Credit:Twitter “In the end I could see that the furore … Read more

Gallagher apologizes for mistakenly forgetting to shake Brady Tkachuk’s hand

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Lady Gaga’s Dog Walker Alleged Shooter Mistakenly Released from Jail

The suspect who allegedly shot Lady Gaga‘s dog walker was accidentally released from jail … and the L.A. Sheriff’s Department is investigating how such a blunder could occur. 19-year-old James Howard Jackson was released Wednesday. Jail records simply say  “dismissed.” The Sheriff’s department says Jackson was the beneficiary of a clerical error. Play video content … Read more