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Are shorter cranks better on your bike? Find out why bike fit experts recommend going shorter

Should you be using shorter cranks? Bike fit experts increasingly recommend a change away from the accepted wisdom of yore, especially for riders with hip issues, time triallists and anyone who wants to get into a really deep tuck. We spoke to the two Phils of bike fit, physiotherapist Phil Burt and Phil Cavell of … Read more

Florida high school panic was ‘cruel prank,’ police say, recommend expulsion for ‘pranksters’

NEWYou can now listen to Fox News articles! Police in Florida said a recent threat made toward a high school that created a panic was a “cruel prank” and recommended the students involved be expelled. In a lengthy Sunday Facebook post, the Daytona Police Department gave an update on the incident in which authorities responded … Read more

US will likely recommend annual vaccines

Washington: The United States is likely to start recommending COVID-19 vaccines annually, health officials said on Tuesday, as new boosters designed to fight currently circulating variants of the coronavirus roll out. By the end of this week, 90 per cent of Americans will live within five miles (8 km) of sites carrying updated vaccines, US … Read more

TikTokers Recommend Their Favorite Products For College Students

After a few months away from the classroom, it’s natural to feel a little apprehensive about heading back to school. This uneasiness is particularly prevalent if you’re going to a new school or making a big life transition, like heading off to college. While stocking up on school supplies can’t nix all your nerves, feeling … Read more

Merrick Garland wouldn’t recommend approval for AG search warrant for Unabomber’s cabin: Former FBI official

NEWYou can now listen to Fox News articles! Former FBI deputy assistant director of counterterrorism Terry Turchie said Attorney General Merrick Garland wouldn’t recommend approval for a search warrant for the Unabomber’s cabin on Thursday’s “Jesse Watters Primetime.” “I’ve never said this publicly, but I’ll just tell you right now because it just sickens me … Read more

Less than a quarter of ChristchurchNZ staff recommend it as a place to work

CHRIS SKELTON/Stuff ChristchurchNZ chief executive Ali Adams says cultural issues are not “a burning platform”, but there are things that need to be addressed to achieve the “world-leading” culture she wants. (File photo) Economic agency ChristchurchNZ is dealing with culture, pay and burnout concerns, but the new chief executive says the issues are no worse … Read more

The Amazon Prime Day 2022 Deals Our Editors Recommend

We’re a little over 12 hours into Prime Day, and visions of savings are dancing in our heads like so many sugarplums in July. So far, we’ve reviewed hundreds of pages on Amazon to isolate the very best deals on vacuum cleaners, coffee-making appliances, inflatable hot tubs and, of course, bidets. And as we while … Read more

Wells Fargo downgrades Gap, says it cannot recommend buying the apparel retailer after CEO exit

Wells Faro no longer advises investors continue buying shares of Gap following news that the apparel retailer’s most recent chief executive will step down. Analyst Ike Boruchow downgraded shares of Gap to equal weight from buy and slashed his price target, saying in a Monday note that investors should start looking elsewhere for companies with … Read more