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The Hummer EV e-bike is just as over the top and ridiculous as the electric truck it’s based on

GMC joined forces with the world’s largest supplier of e-bikes for law enforcement to produce an over-the-top, dual-motor, fat tire electric bike to complement its equally over-the-top, dual-motor, fat tire Hummer EV truck. It’s the latest sign that automakers are trying to seize on the popularity of e-bikes to help promote the shift to electric … Read more

Criticism of the England manager is ridiculous! WORLD CUP CONFIDENTIAL

Daily Mail Football Editor Ian Ladyman claims that frustrations with Gareth Southgate are ‘ridiculous’, given previous tournament performances under the Three Lions coach.  England kick-start their World Cup campaign against Iran tomorrow night and Southgate will be eager to begin with a win given growing concerns over their recent form. Yet, Ladyman insists that the … Read more

The Hummer E-Bike Looks Almost as Ridiculous as the Truck That Inspired it

More in common than you might think. Photo: Recon Power Bikes The Hummer EV takes the standard pickup formula and adds more of everything. It’s longer, wider and heavier than any truck needs to be, so it tracks that a bike inspired by this behemoth would also be longer, wider and heavier than any bike … Read more

A day like no other as Liz Truss’s reign goes from absurd to outright ridiculous

Truss had started the day with murmurings that her former cabinet colleague, Sajid Javid, would confront her in parliament over some quite mean things her office had said about him in the weekend newspapers. Jason Stein, a special adviser to Truss, was suspended for planting quotes in The Sunday Times that Truss thought he was … Read more