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Pentagon Faults Review of Deadly Airstrike but Finds No Wrongdoing

The three people familiar with the findings, who spoke on the condition of anonymity to discuss details of the confidential report, said that 56 people had been killed, but that 52 of them were enemy fighters, although that assessment classified all adult males in the strike as fighters, whether they were armed or not. The … Read more

Outside review of NHLPA and Donald Fehr’s handling of Kyle Beach’s allegations finds no wrongdoing

An NHL Players Association independently commissioned investigation has found no “individual wrongdoing or institutional failures of policy or procedure” by its executive director Donald Fehr or others in their handling of Kyle Beach’s allegations of sexual assault against Chicago Blackhawks then-video coach Brad Aldrich in 2010. The 20-page review, shared by the NHLPA on its … Read more