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This $1,399 RTX 3080 gaming laptop deal is the best we’ve seen this Black Friday

We’ve seen our fair share of Black Friday gaming laptop deals in the past, but this one takes the cake. We’ve already spotted what is likely to be our favorite offer of the season, and it takes the form of a $1,000 discount on an RTX 3080 MSI laptop at Walmart. 

The MSI GP66 Leopard is now down to just $1,399 (opens in new tab) – a rate we previously thought impossible before this week’s mega-sales. We’ve never seen machines this powerful go this cheap before. That previous $2,399 MSRP feels like a distant dream – we’ve been watching that cost trickling down since the start of the week, hitting $1,759 and then giving way to a $1,499 sale price. We didn’t think Black Friday gaming laptop deals could get any better than that, but an extra $100 off this morning proved us wrong. We certainly wouldn’t wait too long to snap up this i7-11800H configuration – this is likely to sell out incredibly quickly now. 

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